Monday, September 2, 2013

Currently September!!

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Thank you so much A Burst of First for helping us with this!!! :)

We won't always do our posts together, but we did again today so we could both do our own "Currently".

Ashley's Currently:


I am OBSESSED with might be an unhealthy obsession..but I just can't stop! :)


What a blessing it was to have today off!! I got some much needed rest and things done. Like shopping those labor day sales!! 


Speaking of those sales we got some great stuff today!! As you might have read from our below post...I am engaged to the best guy ever, and we are getting married in December. We just bought our first home and today we got some amazing stuff for it! One thing being these beauties!!! 

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I am ready for some leggings, boots, scarfs, cooler weather, and of course pumpkin spice lattes. And fall means it is that much closer to our wedding day! :)


Well that is pretty self explanatory! ;)

3 goals:

I have been doing so well at eating healthier!! I can already see and feel a difference in myself. I want to keep it up! I also want to stick to my workout schedule...last week was near impossible with the first week of school, but I'm ready to get back to it! I also want to work on waking up in the morning and starting my day with prayer. I am so blessed and want to keep a humble heart. :)

Amanda's Currently:


I absolutely love watching HGTV! Property Brothers and Love It or List It are two of my favorites! 


Speech therapy sessions start tomorrow! I am very excited to see all my students! We will be going to school with Larry and learning about "Whole Body Listening." Mr. Potato might make an appearance too! :)


I absolutely love my husband and feel so blessed to spend my life with him! He makes me smile and is extremely supportive...even when I'm up late working on TPT products. 


I love to run and a new pair of running shoes is at the top of my birthday wish list! 


Our first bible study covering the book, "Captivating" begins next week! I need to start reading...tonight! 

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