Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Raise The Bar!

Hi friends!

I wanted to stop by quickly and show you my newest pack! It is a graphing pack

This pack is great for introducing graphing to your kiddos or as a review with some fun activities!!

There are seven adorable posters you can hang up in your classroom as a constant visual reminder to your students. I can't wait to get mine printed and laminated! 

I also included some key terms to add to your focus wall/word wall! 

Last there are 9 print&go activity pages! These range from surveying/data collecting/analyzing graphs/graphing/etc!! These are so easy to print and copy for your class for a quick activity or for math centers! 

Don't forget to head over to TPT for the 3 Million Teachers Strong Sale!! 28% off our store!!

Have a great rest of your week!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Peek at My Week!

Happy Sunday!! Wowza-it has been for-ever-er since I have posted! Thanks to Amanda for posting the other day! We are going to get better-we promise!! :)

I wanted to show you a quick peek at my week coming up!! It is going to be a pretty fun one! & short and sweet for me. :)

Tomorrow is a Professional Development day which I am FINE with after Valentine's Day! I am STILL pooped from those kiddos ;) I get to sit in meetings all day and learn how to be a TELPAS rater. Boo!

Tuesday we take a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art!!! I am super excited! The kids are too!

Wednesday is one of my teammates baby shower! It is going to be so cute! I have really enjoyed using my "creative teacher" side to help create cute banners/labels for her shower!  

In my classroom I use buckets/sparklers as table "points". Once their table receives 10 sparklers they get a prize! I LOVE this classroom management tool-I saw it first on A Cupcake for the Teacher!I have three tables who each have 9 sparklers so one is definitely going to win this week! When they get to 10 sparklers they get to scan a secret QR code from my QR Code Prize Pack. They LOVE it! We have them scan on the Elmo so that when their prize pops up the whole class gets to see what they got! It is a lot of fun!

If you don't know much about Qr codes or ways to use them in the classroom, I will be soon posting a how to post on our NEW collaborative blog: The Collaboration Connection  We are now having a launch party with tons of awesome giveaways! Be sure to follow/like/share/whatever to enter yourself in all of them!

Friday of this week- I am OFF! Yippeee!.. Not really. I get to take the day off to change my last name. Lots of lines and waiting time for me that day! 

Thanks for stopping by! What does your week look like?! 


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sweet Talk

With my Jamberry manicure complete, I am ready for Valentine's Day!

This week I will be spreading the love throughout my speech room with my Valentine's Day language and articulation activity unit! 

This unit will target multiple goals! Be Mine: Comparing and Contrasting cards allows students to identify similarities and differences between the two items on the card. 24 total cards are included! 

"Sweet Treat" targets multiple meaning words. Heart gumball machines are included for students to collect their cards! 

"Secret Admirer" allows students to identify objects from an oral description. Read the cards with the closed envelopes to students and have he/she the item inside! 24 total cards included! 

Hearty Irregular Past Tense Verbs- have the student read the sentence on card "A" and then identify the irregular past tense form of the underlined verb. Match all "A" cards with their corresponding "B" cards. 36 total cards included!

"Sweet Speech" is a great activity sheet to target articulation. Perfect to complete during the therapy session or send home as a carry-over activity!

Candy Hearts: Board Game- open-ended game to use as a quick reinforcer with any articulation or language activity! 

Sweet Talk: Speech and Language activity unit is available in our TPT store: For His Glory

Recommended books for this week: 

Hope you have an amazing week!