Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday SCOOP!

I have been wanting to link up with The Teaching Trio for this Linky for a while! While I was browsing her blog did you know she also has a Technology Thursday one?! I will definitely be linking up for that one soon too!! :)

Here is my Sunday Scoop:

3 things I NEED to do:

Okay does the laundry ever end?! And I don't even have kids yet...yikes!!! On top of "To Grade" stack just keeps growing....anyone else's??? I always put off making my salads for the week, but when it is done it is sooo nice to grab one every morning and go!! LOVE it. I love this blog for salad in a jar recipes. 

2 things I WANT to do:

Cowboys are so good this season! I will be the first to admit I am a bandwagon fan. They have just stunk for soooo long I gave up. ha! But they're back! Only took like 10 years.. ;) I have had a lot of new product ideas rolling around in my brain for quite a while. I have not really even had a second to sit down and create! Some of my ideas passed me by due to being "fall" themed..oh well! But hopefully today I can start on one! 

1 thing that I am HAPPY to do:

Sundays are made for DVR catching i right?! ahhh that is just my favorite! Scandal. Grey's, Dance Moms, Walking Dead; what do I watch first?!

Go link up and share your Sunday Scoop! & come back NEXT week for our Scripture Sunday!! :)