Amanda's Classroom

I feel so blessed that God has called me to work for {HIS} glory as a Speech-Pathologist and truly love my school, staff and students! 
I created a "Where is {Mrs. Newsome}" sign to place outside my door to notify staff and students of my location! So much easier than leaving sticky notes on the door! :) 

 I plan on using this chicken wire frame I made last summer to display student work and/or all of the adorable pictures they love to draw for me! 

 Here is a view of my "therapy" area. I have easy access to all of my therapy materials including my EET strand, s
Here is my teacher workspace! I am absolutely loving the gift bags over my desk with my name and my "new" teacher chair that I reupholstered this summer. Oh...and don't you love the monogram on my planner?! Thank you, Ashley!! :) 


  1. Kids must love coming to you!! Your room is so cozy, fresh and inviting!! I just simply LOVE your where's Mrs. Newsome's sign. I heart it!


  2. Super impressed with how you reupholstered your chair! I was about to do that last summer, and wasn't sure. This was the inspiration I needed!