Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Monstrous Monsters!

Hey Guys! 

This past week at school was a super duper short week-can I get a Hallelujah?! Thursday was a half day and we had Friday "off" for conferences. Since our week was so short we did not take Language Arts in 3rd grade SO seriously ;) What I mean by that is we didn't do the usual grades/worksheets/packets/tests/etc! Instead we had a week full of MONSTERS!

It was so fun! Our week was based around writing a story about monsters. Here are some pictures from what that included!

The first thing the kids did was pick a prompt. Of course I had to make a cute slide for this right?!

Then, they used a graphic organizer to help them get their creative juices flowing! After they had their draft, peer reviewed, and wrote their final copy, they got to CREATE their Monster. This was so fun for them. In our district, 3rd grade is the FIRST year that  we take grades. So, that leaves less room for craftivities. :( This was a treat for them! Here are some of our monsters:

My team decided to put these out on our hallway bulletin board. My cameo is such a lifesaver when it comes to bulletin board letters! PLUS-I get to use any font I want! Yes, please! I also couldn't resist printing these adorable monsters to add to it. I LOVE the way it turned out!
To wrap up our week we read, "There Was An Old Monster!" Super cute book! And like the one in the last post, it too has a song to go along with it from Scholastic!

Let me tell you, these monsters definitely got me through this week! I sure am feeling it! Teaching/creating/wedding planning/moving/house stuff is wearing me out a little bit! Haha but I love it!

I know a lot of you all are doing "spooky" stuff this week and next as well! I can't wait to blog hop and see the fun things going on in yall's classrooms! 

Don't forget to stop by on Friday for our last Friday Fall Freebie! :)

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