Friday, May 9, 2014

4 Weeks...But Who's Counting?!

YES. 4 weeks. SUMMER!

Although..I am teaching summer school so I really have a little longer than that, BUT it will still be a nice break!!

I know my kids are itching for summer just as much as the teachers!! Therefore-we have lots of Noodle Time! What is noodle time?! Go Noodle brain breaks!! If you haven't hopped on this need to!!! The kids LOVE it. No, really. Like, go crazy for it! They got to pick their class character, and each time we do a brain break it increases us a little towards the next level. Whenever we advance..their monster grows. They eat it up. Not to mention that they love to do yoga, Zumba, Olympics. and dance to the HAPPY song! (Yeah, I am a little sick of that one!) Anyways, check it out!! It is amazzzzing. 

Speaking of the end of the year.. Amanda and I have recently added some great activities for your kiddos to get you there!! 

I wanted some cute awards to be able to print for my students towards the last day of school. Haney Helper, Amazing Artist, Earth Saver, etc! These include a color, black line, AND a boy and girl version! I am so excited to give them to my kiddosd

If you are like me/my team the last week or so(maybe more! ha!) are just used for fun things to get you to summer break! I love using that time to give my students fun worksheets about their time in 3rd grade. My Rock On packs are fun activities for your students to reflect on their year! Simply print & go! There are packs for 2nd3rd, and 4th, grade! 

Speech friends:
These summer calendars include fun activities that allow my students to practice their articulation, language and fluency skills over the summer. Each day provides a short activity for my students to complete with a parent/guardian. I also created a page for my students to write what they learned in speech. I will attach these pages to their summer calendars.

I also wanted to create “theme–based” task cards to support language development. Each day of the week has 10 different activities! Providing my students  with fun, engaging activities is a great way to make practicing skills more enjoyable and less of a “chore” during the break. 

On a personal note, Amanda and I went to a Women's Conference, Pink Impact, at a church local to us last weekend. It. was. awesome!! We really had a great time. I truly cherish her friendship and that we can grow in our walks with the Lord together!
By the way, anytime you buy 3 items from our store--we send you a 4th free! check it out! 


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