Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summertime {I'm looovin it!} + New Blog Design!

Hey Hey Hey!! (Ashley here)

We are in {LOVE} with our new blog design!!! We wanted to go with an anchor theme to compliment our name. Always *anchored* in HIS love! Do you want to give your blog a face-lift? Head over to Blogs Fit For a Queen and Courtney can hook you up! Seriously yall..she was the best! She answered SO many of our questions and worked with us back and forth through email! Fast & adorable! 

Are you guys loving summer as much as I am?! I was originally supposed to teach summer school this summer. That didn't work out, but I am super glad it didn't!  I have been relaxing with the Mr., taking care of a LOT of house stuff (fence building, home warranty, inspections, blah blah!!), and just working on some creating! I haven't done near as much creating as I have wanted, but the last week or so I am getting back to it! Check out what I am working on now:

This is one of the decor packs I am hoping to have posted to our store soon! Math bin labels, library labels, signs, calendar cards, alphabet, and MORE!
I decided to make my own teacher binder for this year..don't you just love that tribal print?! *hearts in eyes*.. coming soon! :)

A fellow teacher instagrammer, The Teacher Talk, just reached 2,000 followers on insta!! Awesome milestone! She is having a giveaway to celebrate..super excited to participate! Head to her blog to enter to win some {fabulous} prizes!! My thinking maps product is one of the prizes! If you are on instagram I would love to follow you! My instagram is: thirdgradethinking. I am kinda obsessed! I knowww I am not the only one! Right?!

I only have ONE month of summer left...noooooo! I am sure I will be ready to go back by then but, now? nope. nope. nope. I AM attending a Technology Institute in a couple of weeks put on by my district. It is the first ever one so I am super pumped to attend! I *might* even be doing a small presentation on using Instagram use in the classroom/to collaborate with other teachers! Stay tuned for a post all about what I learned!! Hopefully this PD will get me excited to get back into the classroom! Meanwhile.. I am trying to decide on which bluetooth keyboard to buy on amazon..hmmm. Suggestions?!
Well that is my summer so far in a teeny tiny nutshell! I would love to hear what you have been up to!


  1. I love reading your blog and your open devotion to our God. It gives me hope to see so many teachers of faith professing their love. We may not be able to teach it at school, but we can live it and our students see that! Amen!