Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Classroom Reveals!

Hey friends!!

We have been working hard on our rooms getting ready for the beginning of the year(ummm are we ready yet?!)! We have loved seeing everybody's adorable classrooms on Instagram and blogs! Check our our classroom reveals below!!

When I moved from second to third grade last year I had to move rooms (ugh). I was given the opportunity to move again this year. The "new" room was bigger and had a window, but I decided not to. I am so glad I didn't! I got to spend all of that time, re-creating, crafting, & revamping my current classroom! Working in my room this summer and getting ready for this year has just made me so incredibly thankful. I am so thankful to teach in the district I do, with the team that I do, in a grade that I love! There is truly little to complain about. God has blessed me so much, and my career is a big part of those blessings! I want to remember THIS feeling on those super tough days! Well, lets get to the fun stuff! My classroom! yay! DISCLAIMER: Many things are missing due to not having an official class list of names yet. Did I mention "Meet the Teacher" is FRIDAY?!

Here is the view when you walk in. My "theme" is just blues and greens with a-whole-lotta melonheadz!! I am so super excited to use my instagram bulletin board this year!!
My {book nook} is one of my favorite things in my classroom! I hope my students love it as much as me! 

The reading skills and strategy posters (on the left) are from Amy Groesbeck. They are aaamazing!! I printed them all 4 to a page as well. I am going to put them on a binder ring as I teach each concept. These will be used during small group or easily accessible whenever a student needs a quick reminder! The colorful comprehension posters on the bulletin board are in my store! I love the pop of color in this area!

The top picture is my Stations area. I put the Language Arts and Math stations for the week there. The pocket chart is for their stations checklist. I hated that standard blue pocket chart..I found those two yellow ones for $1 at Target!! Not my blue/green, but it will do!! Also, I adore my cute table numbers hanging above each table of desks! Thanks Amanda for helping me hang! ;)

The bottom picture is my math manipulatives. I love how organized they are! Let's see if they stay that way!! (table numbers, station cards, math labels in my decor pack}
This is my student computer area. I painted those frames from Michaels, then hot glued a mini clothespin to hang my positive classroom posters on! I love the way it turned out!
This area is to the left of my white board. I have my thinking maps, my birthdays (waiting on that class list!) and my Dojo poster! Then my calendar area includes my table buckets for sparklers with QR code prizes. It will also eventually have my boy and girl helpers to the left and right on a binder ring. This makes it easy to switch the 2 helpers each week!
This is the bulletin board to the right of my white board. There are many parts to this. The first is my technology posters! BYOD sign, tech rules, & digital citizenship! Below those is my sweet behavior area. The class can earn cupcakes for compliments to work towards a whole group incentive. At the bottom are my math graphing posters! Great visuals for when we start that unit! The green alphabet can be found here.
A fun, organized teacher space is super important to me! I have a fabric banner, instagram photos, pictures of my hubby, bible verses, and of course my planner! :)
Here is the view from my desk and my teacher table. I really love how it turned out!

I am super excited to show y'all my classroom and I can't wait to see yours! I feel so blessed that God has called me to work for {HIS} glory as a Speech-Pathologist and truly love my school, staff and students! 
I created a "Where is {Mrs. Newsome}" sign to place outside my door to notify staff and students of my location! So much easier than leaving sticky notes on the door! :) 

 I plan on using this chicken wire frame I made last summer to display student work and/or all of the adorable pictures they love to draw for me! 

 Here is a view of my "therapy" area. I have easy access to all of my therapy materials including my EET strand, s
Here is my teacher workspace! I am absolutely loving the gift bags over my desk with my name and my "new" teacher chair that I reupholstered this summer. Oh...and don't you love the monogram on my planner?! Thank you, Ashley!! :) 

Thanks for stopping by to see our classrooms!! We can't wait to see all of yalls! Make sure you go link up with blog hoppin'!


  1. Both of your rooms look absolutely gorgoeous! Amanda, the chair you reupholstered turned out so good. Now I'm thinking I might need to get started on mine!!

    Teaching with Hope

  2. Ashley,

    Where can I find your "I Hear My Sound" Sticks and the Class Dojo Poster? I would love both of them!!


  3. I love both of your rooms!! The "Where is Mrs. Newsome?" is super creative. And Ashley, I love your book nook area.

  4. Both of your classrooms look AWESOME! I love the Where is Mrs. Newsome idea, such a great and professional/cute way to tell everyone where you are. I also love both of the gift bags with your names on top of the cabinets, what a nice touch for what otherwise would have been wasted space. Ashley, I love your book nook and your boards turned out great.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love and the Librarian

  5. You guys are gonna do up close posts about each area right???? I need details!! These rooms are perfect:) What are the QR codes by the calendar?

  6. Love both of these rooms! Amanda, will you be selling the posters in your tpt store? I am going to be purchasing the reading comp posters but was interested in the posters above your white board in the therapy area.

  7. Love your rooms! How can I get my hands on a "Where is [teacher]..." signs? I love it!

  8. SERIOUSLY one of the CUTEST rooms ever! Love this!!! The "Where is the teacher" sign is just adorable! :)

    Lindsay @ Primary Polka Dots

  9. Everything looks fabulous! I love it all!