Sunday, August 17, 2014

Scripture Sunday: Be Still

Don't you just love Sundays?! It is time for our 2nd Scripture Sunday!
Every 1st and 3rd Sunday we are sharing with you a verse that is on our hearts. There will always be one for you, and one for somebody else. This is a great opportunity to pray and listen to who God is asking you to minister to, help, pray for, etc! 

This week's verse is: 
This verse is hard for even us to remember. The LORD will fight for you! You don't have to fight your own battles alone. If you just wait, quietly trusting in him, He's got it. 

So, who comes to mind when you see this verse? Print off a copy to hang on your fridge or your desk at work, and then give the other to someone else! :)

Happy Sunday!!


  1. This is SO perfect for a colleague/friend and, as always, my copy is going in my display area first thing in the morning! Thank you!

  2. Love! I am swooning. I like it SO much that you two do this. :)

    Growing Littles

  3. I love the idea of "Scripture Sunday!" I also love this verse. If you ever make this a linky party I would totally link up and share a verse on Sundays also!

    A Teachable Teacher

  4. I return to work tomorrow. I have great anxiety about it because, shall we say, it can be emotionally trying. This verse came at the PERFECT time. I know God has my back, thanks for the reminder!!