Saturday, October 4, 2014

Five for Friday {October 4th}


I am a day late with my Five for Friday post! I really did plan on typing it up last night! I was just so. tired. We all know what teacher tired is like right??? This week was a tough week at school! I am sure I am not alone. :) So five favorite things from this week!! :)

I am getting my Spooky Solve the Room ready for my kiddos!! They love the math hunts we do, but for some reason I think they love this one the best!! something to do with Halloween I am sure. I put up the math problem cards around the classroom and they go on a hunt with their recording page and a clip board! I usually put it in my math stations so they are not all hunting at once! :) 

 You can find the Halloween Hunt in our TPT store! You can also grab all 4 for a super discounted price!!!

This week Amanda and I decorated the bulletin board in the lounge! We are in charge of keeping it up to date throughout the year. We love stuff like this so we are so excited to bring some more creativity to our school! This is our "fall" themed board. Who doesn't love football?! (I am watching TCU beat OU as we speak ;) )
Last night, yes FRIDAY night, I finally finished putting my tier 2 documentation binder together. It has been looming over my head for weeks! I have a tab for each friend of mine who needs reading intervention and a tab for each one who needs math. On their tab page I have their Fall data and strands that they need interventions for. This helps me remember who needs what as I am working with them! I have tonsss of sticky notes of what I have been doing, but I hadn't added my new students tabs and data yet! Let's just say I will be at my teacher table a LOT this year!! These babies need lots of reading and math love! 

This week two of my table groups got to scan our very first QR code prize of the year!! Their prizes were sit in the teacher's chair all day (ohhhh!!) and use pen all day! Both of these prizes were a hit. They loved scanning the code to see the secret prize pop up! Check it out here!

This past weekend Amanda and I attended a Women's Conference at her church. It was GREAT! We have started reading the She Reads Truth: Open Your Bible plan (a little late) and have a Facebook group going with some girls to discuss the plan with. It has been amazing to have some fellowship and accountability daily! I can't wait for our new bible study to start next week! It is all about the BEST yes, and how to say no to things in order to be able to say yes to BETTER things! 


  1. I love the QR prize pack! Thank you for sharing. It's in my cart. :

    Revenge of the Thirds

  2. Could you share more about your tier 2 documentation binder? How do you keep track of everything? Also - will you be posting the cover/tabs to TPT? I love them! :)

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