Monday, February 23, 2015

{INSTAGRAM} for the Classroom!

Hey guys! Sorry I have been so M.I.A lately. OOPS!! It's so hard to balance it all sometimes! Today is an "ICE" day here in Texas so I am finally getting to link up for a blog post!! I also recently purchased my TPT Conference ticket for VEGAS this summer! ahhhhhh!! I can't believe I am actually going. I can wait to meet and learn from some amazing blogger and Instagram friends!!! 

Speaking of Instagram.. Do you Insta? Well I sure hope so! It is the new way to gain ideas and inspiration for your classroom! If you do make sure you follow me! If you don't...well what are you waiting for?!

I wanted to do a quick post and link up with Tech with Jen for "Don't Worry Be Appy" Monday on how I use Instagram in my classroom! I decided to start a separate Instagram for my classroom this year. It is completely private except to my parents. I would like to think my students go home telling their Mom & Dad all of the exciting and engaging things we do each day in class, but I am sure that isn't quite the case. So NOW, they can FOLLOW us in the classroom!! I post pictures of field trips, experiments, go noodle brain break videos, reader's theatre, and MORE. They eat. it. up. My students love it too. They love the idea that I might be snapping a picture of them for their parents to see!
I had my parents all sign a form in the beginning of the year to allow me to take private photos of them. If a parent didn't sign, then those kids' faces just wouldn't be in any photos. Click here to get a free blank copy of this form! 
I then made the page completely private. They have to request to follow me, and I have to see that it is them before I approve. I don't follow any one from that page. 

At the end of the year I will warn them when I am deleting the photos in case they want to screenshot them/save them. Then I will delete and block the old parents to get ready for the new class that is coming my way! 

There are many ways to use Instagram in the classroom! Here are a few ideas:

-photos of what is happening in the classroom
-field trip reminders
-videos of school activities or performances
-photos of school activities like assemblies/special guests
-homework reminders
-last minute communication

I would love to hear if any of you are using this wonderful app in your classrooms and your great ideas for it! Next year I think I will add my classroom Twitter! :)

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 Happy Monday!! 


  1. Love your ideas for using Instagram in the classroom. Thanks for linking up.

  2. I love the ease of using IG and I wish we could at my school. We have switched to a district base program, but IG is one of my all-time favorite. Great parent letter too!

  3. I love this IG idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Casey @ CasedillaCrumbs