Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Superhero Product Linky

Hey friends! 

Did you hear? TPT is having a sale this week! "Teachers are superheroes"! We thought we would link up with Fifth in the Middle to each share a "heroic" product that has helped teachers!!

Ashley's Heroic Product:

I love this product! These are simple inferencing task cards. On each card there is a QR code that the student scans afterwards to check if they were correct! My students loved being able to check themselves. It created a whole new level of engagement in my classroom! I set these up as a station so that there was only 3-4 kids at a time using the cards and the tablets. 
I used the inferencing poster to help teach and review what an inference was. I then left it projected for them to refer to! You could even print 4-6 to a sheet and have them glue it in their notebooks. I also included a recording sheet for their answers. You could use this or even have them respond in their notebooks. 

Here is some feedback from other teachers about using this product in their classroom!

I hope you find this product useful!! Click here to add it to your cart! Have fun shopping!! 

Amanda's Heroic Product:

This product has saved me so many hours of finding carry-over activities to send home to parents to encourage generalization of articulation skills practiced during therapy sessions. Home practice is a large part of speech therapy success. This homework packet has over 35 weeks for articulation activities. Students are assigned one page per week to practice their speech sounds with a homework partner. Each page should take 10-15 minutes to complete. There is also a parent newsletter to help guide and encourage parents to use the packet each week. 

Pages without the dates are also included to encourage the use of this packet for many years! 
...But, don't just take my advice, here is some feedback from a few amazing therapists that have found this packet helpful! 

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